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One line in Tony Khan’s interview shows everything wrong with his running of the club – Our View

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Tony Khan has again spoken to the press about his current business and sporting pursuits, and it’s fair to say he hasn’t covered himself in glory, at least not from a Fulham standpoint.

Three seasons in the Premier League and three relegations is what it looks as though Fulham’s record under the Khans will soon be, and a lot of the blame has to fall at the feet of the owners.

In the same week we’ve seen Manchester United fans complain about their absent owners, we have to dissect an absent owner and an absent Director of Football.

One man who doesn’t get the brunt of the blame is Shahid, but let’s be honest, he’s been far from the perfect owner.

Aside from a few well-written programme notes, we rarely see from our owner, and his son says in an interview with Entrepreneur.com that Khan Snr spends more time working on his autoparts industry.

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Working hard on the business that has made you a billionaire makes sense, but when you own a football club you have to put competent people in place to run the day-to-day.

Sadly, Khan Snr has given his son that role, and one line from Tony shows the exact problem with his running of Fuham FC.

“I don’t do much besides work anymore,” Khan says. “But I love everything I’m doing, so it’s fun trying to squeeze it all in every day.”

We’ve all enjoyed that thrill of having a deadline to meet at work or at school, but running a Premier League football team isn’t something you should ‘squeeze in’ to your day.

You need to commit a number of hours to this job and even a superhuman would struggle to balance running three sporting enterprises across three continents.

The reality is that Khan has too much on his plate. Say what you will about his lack of credentials or his incompetence, even if Fulham had the greatest Director of Football of all time at the helm, they’d struggle to cope with the workload Khan has seemingly burdened himself with.

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